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Apple Days

Big Picnic

Transition Portishead aims to help the people of Portishead work together as a community to adapt to a changing and uncertain future.

Last updated: 19 December 2017

If someone in Portishead wishes to start a Transition Group or similar with the same objectives we would be happy to advise.  Contact us on:

For further information go to the Energy and Community Benefit pages.

Changes in personal circumstances and our advancing years has resulted in us being unable to continue our Transition Portishead activities.  Portishead in Bloom volunteers have been happy to take over our raised beds and the running of the annual apple events.

Six members of the Steering Group remain Trustees of the Transition Portishead Charity which retains a responsibility for overseeing the Community Benefit Fund


Community Benefit Fund

At its AGM in September 2017 Low Carbon Gordano allocated £15,000 to the community benefit fund for 2018. Applications for grants from the fund will open in January 2018. For more information and to download an application form, please go to the community benefit fund page