Working to reduce our carbon footprint

Registered Charity No. 1164715

In 2011 Transition Portishead and Sustainable Pill established an energy cooperative called Low Carbon Gordano to undertake the work of developing locally owned renewable energy generation

Low Carbon Gordano Limited is a registered society under the Co-operative and Community Societies Act 2014. Its purpose is to help the local community to reduce energy costs and become more sustainable by reducing the carbon footprint.  More specifically, Low Carbon Gordano aims to raise funds to install renewable energy systems and to use the surplus income from these systems to fund work that reduces people’s energy consumption - for example by improving home energy efficiency.

Surplus income from Low Carbon Gordano will be passed to Transition Portishead to support renewable energy and energy reduction schemes within the local communities where Low Carbon Gordano is operating.

Low Carbon Gordano has completed their first project: a l.8MW solar park at Moorhouse Farm north of Avonmouth in Bristol.  This is now fully operational and connected to the grid.   

Moorhouse Solar Array

“As European Green Capital 2015, we are delighted to be associated with Low Carbon Gordano’s ambitious plan to build Bristol’s first large scale, community owned, solar array - the biggest of its type in the country.  It is a great opportunity for citizens of Bristol and others to invest in our future, with the prospect of a healthy financial return.”

George Ferguson, Mayor of Bristol