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Transition Portishead aims to help the people of Portishead work together as a community to adapt to a changing and uncertain future.

Last updated: 25 June 2017

From 2013 we planted three of the High Street tubs with herbs and vegetables then in 2015 created six raised beds in what is now known as the Town Garden.  There we again grew herbs and vegetables which we picked and offered to people visiting the garden on Saturday mornings.  We advised and helped create wildlife friendly areas in the Quaker Garden.

If someone in Portishead wishes to start a Transition Group or similar with the same objectives we would be happy to advise.  Contact us on:

For further information go to the Energy and Community Benefit pages.

Changes in personal circumstances and our advancing years has resulted in us being unable to continue our Transition Portishead activities.  Portishead in Bloom volunteers have been happy to take over our raised beds and the running of the annual big picnic

Six members of the Steering Group remain Trustees of the Transition Portishead Charity which retains a responsibility for overseeing the Community Benefit Fund

Community Benefit Fund

In 2016 Low Carbon Gordano has donated £22,500 to the fund

Seven projects have been allocated funding

School Workshop

In 2014 we held the first of the now established annual big picnics in Jubilee Park.

Since its formation eight years ago an estimated 1000 pupils have been involved in climate change workshops delivered to Portishead Primary Schools by Transition Portishead.  We have also worked with children in other settings, Beavers, and holiday clubs, and a local nursery.  Here we helped create raised beds and planted seeds and seedlings with the children.

Apple picking, pressing and tasting events have taken place at a number of venues and these have been enjoyed by people of all ages.  In both 2015 & 2016 more than two thousand people tasted our freshly pressed apple juice at the annual Food of North Somerset show held at Tyntesfield.  For four years our apple year started in January with a wassail, the last two held in the millennium garden and parish church.